Annual Tech Forums Enthusiasts and Professionals Should Attend

Javier Alvarado received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Simon Bolivar University, one of Venezuela’s most prestigious higher education institutions. Over a 34-year career, he guided companies in management positions, including as the executive director of Petroleos de Venezuela. Although retired, Javier Alvarado still enjoys researching and attending technology conferences and forums.

More and more technology conferences sprout up every year, but only a select few warrant the time and expense necessary to attend. Every January, the Consumer Electronics Show welcomes over 4,000 exhibitors eager to show off the latest and greatest computer, smartphone, wireless, imaging, and automotive technologies.

Entrepreneurs and mavens involved in mobile technologies should make a point to attend Mobile World Congress. Events include appearances by prolific leaders such as Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, demonstrations of new products by exhibitors, and the Global Mobile Awards ceremony.

A relatively new event, the Dublin Web Summit spans three days and receives widespread attention by investors, startups, and the press. Attendees converge with the goal of networking and working together to explore new web technologies.


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